13 May 2017 25 yrs of the TGC

The Town Green Centre was opened by Pam Rhodes (then presenter on Anglia Television) on May 9th 1992. Pam agreed to come back and, on Saturday 13th May we celebrated the 25th anniversary with an Open Day (stalls from many of the groups that use the Centre), a re-dedication, and a special evening event led by Pam entitled 'Then sings my soul'. There is a selection of photos here and many more at www.towngreencentre.org.uk.

There are 15 photos for this gallery.
Open Day (1) Open Day (2) Open Day (3)
Open Day (4) Open Day (5) Open Day (6)
Open Day (7) Open Day (8) Pam Rhodes chatting to the Brownies
Pam and Richard chatting to the Lacemakers Roger and others talk about the history A line-up from the past
Pam, Jeanette and Jacqui The Tea Pam signing books at the end of the evening